Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) Will Medicare pay for my hospitalization?

    Medicare may cover a patient's hospitalization. Each patient's individual circumstances will be addressed by our admission staff to determine whether he/she meets the criteria.

    2) Will my insurance cover my stay?

    Coverage will vary by individual insurance policies. Our staff will work with you and your provider in order to verify insurance coverage. Please note that pre-authorizations are not a guarantee of payment and only your insurance carrier is able to make such determinations.

    3) Does state funded Medicaid cover my Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospitalization?

    Yes, currently our hospital is able to bill State Funded Medicaid for LTAC.

    4) How long will I need to be treated in your LTAC Hospital?

    Currently, the average length of stay in LTAC is about twenty-five days, but each patient's length of stay will depend on his/her diagnosis and physician's orders.

    5) Will my doctor be able to see me at your hospital?

    If your physician has privileges at Horizon Specialty Hospital, then he or she will be able to see you here. If not, your physician may apply for those privileges with our hospital.

    6) Who will admit me and follow my case if my doctor does not wish to go to your hospital?

    Horizon Specialty Hospital has a list of independent physicians from which you can choose.

    7) How often may I visit my relative in your hospital?

    We have visiting hours posted in the lobby of the hospital. If a special need is identified, a more flexible schedule may be arranged.

    8) Is the parking convenient to the hospital?

    There is plenty of free parking in front of our hospital.

    9) Does your hospital address patients' dietary needs?

    Yes, because nutrition is an integral part of the body’s healing processes, at Horizon Specialty Hospital our nutritional needs team is made up of registered dieticians and dietary staff.